Business profile

E-Commerce Business

From 2010 we are developing a mail-order business of health foods and cosmetics.
We are committed to creating products that stick to safety and safety and provide services that are close to each customer.

Product line-up

Biteki Nouveau
Premium Plus

Contains a high load mixture of 27 vitamins and minerals, DHA and EPA. Highly recommended as a folic acid supplement during pregnancy and nursing!


Biteki Nouveau

A new for-men product from the Biteki Nouveau series! Plus 4 energy-adding ingredients such as L-arginine/guarana to boost power and aid anti-aging care!


Biteki Nouveau, with vitamins and minerals

Monde Selection 2015 Gold Award ☆ model, a super supplement(with tangible results) very popular among actresses!


Peach and collagen
Biteki herbs

A herbal tea containing concentrated beauty ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme Q10. Also contains candle bush. Delicious and at 0 kilocalories, is very easy to drink. Highly recommended.


Biteki enzyme

An enzyme drink naturally fermented in Japanese cypress barrels, using 103 different types of plants - each sourced with dedication and care from local regions, using absolutely no water or heat.


Sales information

HOOK online

HOOK online sells products of SUPER CARE, Biteki Town.


Shop List

Available at stores nationwide, such as Loft, ROSEMARY, Biople by Cosme Kitchen, CoLe Colle, and petit*colle.