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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Personal information protection administrator Tomiyasu Yoko

■ Purpose
Personal information that hooks (following the Company) has acquired Corporation, does not have to be used in addition to the answer to the inquiry.

■ third party offer
The Company, entrusted personal information, except in the case of the request based on the provisions of laws and regulations or judicial proceedings, not be provided to third parties.

■ outsourcing
We do not have that to entrust entrusted personal information.

■ any of the information provided
Provide personal information to the Company has become optional. However, if there is a leak or mistakes in the information, you may not be able to answer to the appropriate inquiries.

■ about the use of cookies
In our website, the provision of services to our customers to be viewed, for the verification of traffic information, you may send the information to the user's computer called a cookie (Cookie). This information is stored on the hard disk or memory of the user's computer. Because the information in the cookie will be used exclusively to marketing analysis and various services provided by our HP, it does not violate your privacy.

■ of disclosure of personal information, etc.
Notification of the purpose of use, disclosure of personal information, correction of content, add or delete, erase and stop of the provision to a third party, other For inquiries, please let us know until the following contact details.

■ contact regarding personal information
TEL +81-3-6630-7055
FAX +81-3-6630-7056
Director in charge of personal information audit officer

After you agree to the above-mentioned contents, please contact us.

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